A Light at The End of The Tunnel

Let’s start from the beginning of it. During my previous Master Degree, I felt something was off. I felt I didn’t quite fit, but don’t we all (so I thought)? Doubts keep haunt us: Am I in the right place? Is this the path I was supposed to follow? Time kept passing, though the doubts didn’t. Anyway, I had no courage to face it and address the issue right away. I kept going and tried my best to find my place. I did have good experiences; I can’t deny that. Regardless, not enough to actually be passionate about it. I couldn’t see myself working my entire life in any of the fields I had the opportunity to experience. Deep down, I knew why. Unconsciously, the answer was there all along.

People feed us with all those hopes and dreams of finding a variety of possibilities besides Community Pharmacy. Which, actually, was the main reason I chose this course. In theory, it’s true, we do have them. In reality, there are few spots and too many people trying to get them. If you have nothing to differentiate you, chances drop drastically. I was forced to face that reality. I knew that I would hardly meet my expectations. Therefore, I needed to act, and act fast. Either I could keep pretending, or finally get real and run for what I want. So, here I am, ready to turn my life around!

As soon as I started digging, I found my answer: I needed to get a specialization that could better place me in the path I believe suits me better, and so I did (well, started). When I first shared my intentions with some family members and friends, the opinions diverged. On one side, the one’s that thought I was insane. On the other side, the one’s that supported me. Anyway, I kept focused. Now that it’s actually happening, even the sceptics will have to accept.

Enough of suspense already, let’s just cut to the chase; I’m taking a Master in Neurosciences in Belgium (yes, the new light in my life)! The whole process of getting here wasn’t exactly easy, but I’m glad it turned out alright. Why am I shouting to the world and make such a big deal out of it, you may ask? Because I’m proud that I finally got the guts to do it! I know, it’s just a start, but it’s a huge step for me! What for others may seem as a thrown back, for me is a step forward to what I believe. Now I realise: I’m under no obligation of living by anyone’s expectations beyond my own. I figured that the choice I made when I was 17 years old didn’t fit the way I was expecting. So, was I supposed to be stuck to that choice my entire life? Should I settle for something that doesn’t fulfil me? I don’t think so. For a change, it is time to listen to my own heart and shut the opinions of others. I prefer to try and fail than simply not try at all. I refuse to grow older hunted by what if’s. I don’t need that kind of frustration. Therefore, I’m giving a shot to this dream come true. I am ready to embrace this new challenge. May this new chapter begin!




A young mind full of thoughts and ideas trying to figure life. Feel free to enter my little world, make yourself at home.

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Filipa Roque

Filipa Roque

A young mind full of thoughts and ideas trying to figure life. Feel free to enter my little world, make yourself at home.

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